Germ Baby Pancake (8+ Months)

Germ Baby Pancake (8+ Months)

For babies with milk allergies, a follow-on milk that is known to be allergy-free can be substituted for diluted yogurt. I always used it like that in my eldest son with the doctor's recommendation. In recipes with very short cooking times, such as pancakes, my doctor said that you can use follow-on milk instead of milk.

You can also eat it with cherries and linden, but molasses goes well with this pancake.

One of the most asked questions in recipes. Why so many types of flour? I love the variety in flour. If you are going to put only one flour, you can add whole wheat as much as the total amount of flour.



  • We take all the ingredients in a bowl. We beat it with the wire until it becomes homogeneous.
  • We lightly oil our fireproof pan.
  • We put the mixture in the pan with a tablespoon. We carefully turn the other side and cook.
  • Be careful, it cooks very quickly as we are working in small quantities.
  • When it gets cold, we feed it to our little gourmet.

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