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Natural Baby Legumes
Additional foods that support breast milk are started in the feeding of babies who are 6 months old. Rice is a very useful and nutritious legume for babies after 180 days. Since rice is easily consumed by babies when cooked, it can be preferred at the beginning of the transition to additional food. When babies complete their 8th month, they will consume other legumes as their chewing skills are developed. The important thing in the selection of legumes for babies is that they are grown in natural conditions and packaged in a hygienic way specially for babies. Cook Anne Çoruh Valley Rice and Cook Anne Bulgur, which meet these criteria, are produced for you to safely feed your baby who has reached 8 months. In addition to bulgur, which contains high fiber and vegetable protein, Chef Anne Natural Dried Beans and Green and Red Lentils, which are rich in minerals such as iron and potassium, are also offered to you in 500 gram packages. In addition, Siyez Bulgur, which has high antioxidant properties, is waiting for you at Chef Mom.

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