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Complementary Food Products for 8+ Months Babies

Nutritional supplements are expected to be enriched even more in the 8th month of babies who have completed the first 6 months when the development process is the fastest. Considering that the transition stages of babies to supplementary food continue until 12 months and the changes observed in their development every month, it is revealed that the food needs of 8-month-old babies also differ. Babies who move less in the first 6 months of their life therefore expend less energy. At 8 months, it is seen that babies sit on their own and start to crawl. Even after 8 months, the first steps are taken slowly. This means that babies' movement skills develop, and accordingly, their energy consumption increases. Now, the 8-month supplementary food product variety needs to be increased.

8-month-old babies who have stepped into the transition to supplementary food still take breast milk as the main meal. In other words, the basic food of 8-month-old babies, as in 6 months and later, is breast milk. 8-month-old baby supplementary food products should be considered as snacks that support breast milk. The amount of supplementary food for 8-month-old babies will be more than the amount given to 6-month-old babies. Complementary foods, which consist of a teaspoon in a main meal of the day for 6-month-old babies, should be increased to a dessert spoon after the 8th month, and the rate of increase should be changed according to your baby's condition.

Complementary foods to be given to an 8-month-old baby are limited as at the beginning of the transition to supplementary food. But now your baby has developed certain skills such as chewing and his sense of curiosity has increased. Babies who are more sensitive to the environment after 8 months can choose between foods because they have been introduced to additional foods before. In other words, he is aware of the foods he likes or dislikes. For this reason, while giving additional food to the 8-month-old baby, care should be taken that the food is delicious and smells good. Although their taste buds have developed, 8-month-old babies are unlikely to use forks and spoons because their motor skills are not yet complete. This results in babies tending to eat food with their hands. Babies aged 8 months and older smell the food they feel with their hands and taste for themselves. In this case, mothers should set their babies free and allow babies to turn to their favorite foods. However, your 8-month-old baby cannot consume every nutrient.

What are the additional foods to be given to 8 months old baby?

Your baby is now 8 months old and his chewing skills have developed. So your baby is now able to consume rough and granular foods as well as pureed and liquid foods. This is an indication that it's time for your baby to get acquainted with legumes. Legumes; It contains high vegetable protein and fiber, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D, folic acid, magnesium and potassium. You can easily feed some of the legumes, which are extremely beneficial for babies, to your 8-month-old baby. Dry beans, chickpeas, red and green lentils are ideal legumes for 8-month-old babies. You can find all these legumes in packages of 500 grams at category at Chef Anne.

One of the must-haves among 8-month-old baby supplementary food products is tarhana. There are different flavors that your baby will love among the baby tarhana varieties prepared by Chef Anne especially for babies. Cook Mom baby tarhanas, which are made completely without additives under hygienic conditions; It is offered to you in plain form as well as varieties with spinach, beetroot and carrots. In addition, chickpea and lentil tarhana, gluten-free tarhana with buckwheat for allergic babies, baby tarhana with milk allergy and baby tarhana with einkorn flour await little gourmets at the Cook Mom.
You no longer need to avoid grainy foods while giving additional food to the 8-month-old baby. For this, you can include baby pasta, which you can cook using the puller method, into your baby's diet. Instead of plain pasta, you can feed your baby the very nutritious Cook Mom pasta with pumpkin, carrot, spinach, beetroot, celery and capia pepper. All our pasta types are waiting for you in the baby pasta category. Among Chef Anne's additive-free 8-month-old baby supplementary food products, you can find grape molasses, pumpkin puree with apple tahini, unsalted capia pepper paste, marrow bone broth, pudding varieties, oatmeal and 8-month supplementary food packages on our website.

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