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Baby Paste
As it is known, babies are not fed with tomato paste for the first year. The reason for this is that there is salt in the tomato paste and the acid ratio of the pastes is very high for babies. Salt and sugar have no place in the diet of babies under one year old. While foods containing sugar can be fed to babies naturally, it should be ensured that baby foods do not contain added salt. The tomato paste that we put in our meals should be kept away from babies, as it can be made with tomatoes and other vegetables that have undergone agricultural spraying, as well as contain salt. In addition, the fact that the acid ratio of tomato paste is too high for babies can lead to the opening of wounds in the mouth and problems such as diaper rash. Therefore, it is not appropriate to add tomato paste to the foods of babies under 1 year old. It is also inconvenient to feed tomatoes to babies up to 12 months. Since tomatoes are an acid-containing food, they cannot be given to babies as an avalanche before the age of one, and it is inconvenient for babies under 9 months to consume tomatoes even if they are cooked. Even babies who are introduced to raw tomatoes at the age of 1 should consume this food in a controlled manner until the age of 2. Tomato paste can be used in the meals and soups of 9-month-old babies, since tomatoes lose their acidic properties a little when cooked.

Use of tomato paste in babies should start after 6 months with baby pepper paste instead of tomato paste. Baby tomato paste, on the other hand, can be used after 9 months by adding it to the meals with the tip of a teaspoon, and after trying it for 3 days and it is observed that it does not cause any allergies in the baby, the amount can be increased.

Tomato paste for babies should be prepared from completely natural materials and salt should never be added to the paste. Chef Mom's baby tomato paste and baby pepper paste are made from pure capia peppers and tomatoes grown under natural conditions. Meticulously prepared by Chef Mom's hands, baby pepper paste is ideal for babies 180 days and older. This salt-free baby paste is obtained from capia pepper, which has an important place in the brain development of babies and strengthening their immune systems. Baby paste made with capia pepper and tomatoes grown in healthy and natural conditions is also offered to little gourmets at Chef Anne.

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