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Flour and Mixtures Special for Babies
Babies start the transition process to solid food at 6 months. In this process, your baby is ready to meet fruits, vegetables, yogurt, linden, fennel and some spices. In the transition period, cereals also play an important role in infant nutrition. Among these cereals, rice is the most suitable for the digestive system of babies. Flour made from rice is one of the most ideal products that you can put in your baby's meals. Although baby rice flour is the most needed flour in the nutrition of babies, oats, wheat, einkorn, carob flour and wheat germ also meet many needs of babies. Rice flour; It is a product that comes to the rescue of mothers because it does not cause allergies, is easily digested and is delicious. Cook Mom baby rice flour, which you can easily use for any baby older than 6 months, is presented to you without additives and with the addition of starch.

In addition to rice flour, which contributes significantly to the development of your baby, you can find many useful flour types at Cook Mom. Whole wheat flour, which contains more fiber than white flour and contains B vitamins and folic acid, and wholemeal oat flour, which ensures healthy functioning of the intestines, are also prepared under hygienic conditions with the natural ingredients of Chef Anne. Cook Anne carob flour, which is highly preferred by mothers, can be used in making cakes, cookies and pudding for babies over 1 year old. You can make puddings with carob flour and prepare milky drinks for 8-month-old babies. You can also add whole einkorn flour, which contains many vitamins and minerals, and wheat germ to your baby's nutrition program.

Sourdough baby bread mix, baby semolina and raw cocoa powder and oatmeal, which come to your aid when you want to make healthy and natural bread for your baby, are among the Chef Mom products that you can safely add to your baby's meals.

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