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Noodle Varieties for Babies
When they reach 8 months, babies start to eat granular foods as their chewing ability develops. When they reach 12 months, your babies are now specialized in chewing. Therefore, mothers' search for different flavors begins for 1-year-old babies. At this stage, it is important for your baby to taste noodles, as well as legumes and pasta, in terms of enriching your baby's diet program and improving his palate. Chef Anne, breaking new ground in Turkey for babies aged 1 and over, produces goat's milk pasta and offers baby noodles prepared from goat's milk to mothers. Since Chef Anne's natural noodle varieties do not contain cow's milk, they are suitable for babies with both milk allergies and gluten intolerance. Cook Mom baby noodles, which you will cook with the puller method as in pasta; It is very nutritious with its plain, einkorn flour and vegetable varieties. By feeding the baby noodles with vegetables, you will have a delicious meal option while allowing the vegetables to take their vitamins. In addition to Cook Anne's noodle with einkorn flour, you should definitely try the vegetable baby noodles with beetroot, carrot, broccoli, capia pepper and spinach. Rest assured, your baby will love these flavors.

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