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Baby Pasta
Breastfed babies for the first 6 months; After the 6th month, they should start to consume liquid and grain-free, pureed additional foods. When babies reach 8 months, they are ready to consume grain foods, pulses and pasta as their chewing skills develop. During this period when breast milk is continued, mothers have difficulty in identifying both useful and delicious foods for their babies. After 8 months, one of the most favorite foods of babies is pasta. However, the first criterion to consider when choosing pasta for babies is that they are healthy products made from natural materials. Natural baby pasta varieties that your baby will love to consume are waiting for you at Chef Mom.

Natural and Healthy Baby Pasta
Chef Anne's baby pasta with goat's milk and vegetables consists of elbow and bead pasta. In addition to the pastas that you can feed to milk allergic babies and babies with gluten allergy with peace of mind, you can also give your baby the delicious Cook Mom vegetable baby pasta as a snack. The Chef Anne baby pasta varieties include pumpkin, black carrot, celery, spinach, beetroot and mixed vegetable pastas. You can add Cook Mom vermicelli to your baby's soups and rice, as well as Cook Mom baby pasta, which does not lose its vitamins when cooked with the puller method.

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