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Baby biscuits are one of the foods that can be enriched with materials according to the month for each baby who has switched to supplementary food, and that each baby consumes with pleasure, even on its own. At the same time, biscuits, which find a place in the menu of every baby who transitions to additional food, are also the savior of mothers. The usage area of ​​baby biscuits, which can be used as a direct snack for babies who have started to consume finger foods, is not limited to these. Since it has a wide area of ​​use, the biggest search of mothers who have started the adventure of supplementary food is natural baby biscuits.

It is possible to find many recipes for homemade baby biscuits. But, of course, the important thing is to make a biscuit that will both suit our baby's taste, improve his taste and be healthy for him. For this, you can get help from fruits, cereals, and if you do not have an allergic baby, you can also use eggs and dairy products. At the same time, you should take care that the semolina you will use is baby semolina to make the biscuit you make more satisfying. Baby semolina is the same as the semolina we adults use, but it is much smaller in order not to complicate the digestion of babies starting in the mouth.

The most important point in making baby biscuits at home is to stay away from sugar content. According to your doctor's recommendations, you can use ingredients such as carob extract and date extract to sweeten your biscuits. However, you should avoid making and giving biscuits with refined sugar content to babies, and you should pay attention to using more natural materials.

How Long Does a Homemade Baby Biscuit Store?
You can store the baby biscuits you make at home, either in powder form or as a whole after rinsing. You can get help from glass jars to store it. After putting the biscuits in, close the jar tightly. You should store it in a closed environment, away from the sun and heat. Since natural materials are used, it is useful not to extend the consumption time too much. I recommend using it in a week or two. However, you can shorten or extend this period by checking it and looking at its status. Putting it in the refrigerator will harden the biscuit.

For natural baby biscuits, you can create wonders with ingredients suitable for babies and recipes according to your baby's month. However, you can also take a look at Chef Mom's baby biscuits as a ready-made, risk-free and natural option.

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