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Baby Custard
Babies need complementary foods after being exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months. After 6 months, one of the most suitable foods for babies is baby pudding. Breast milk should be given as the main meal, and baby pudding should be given in moderation in the snacks of babies. Since babies swallow air during sucking and this air causes gas in babies, it is very advantageous for you to feed your baby pudding before bedtime. Apart from that, custard consumption for babies is both a practical and nutritious solution for snacks.

Since additional food products that babies can consume vary according to their age, baby pudding should be given to babies in a way that changes from month to month. In other words, not every pudding is given to the baby in every period. 6-month-old baby pudding varieties can be apple, pear and plain. For 6 and 7 months old baby pudding, Cook Mom rice flour baby pudding mix can be used. 8-month-old baby pudding can be sweetened with carob extract and a teaspoon of unheated molasses can be added to plain pudding. For 9 months old baby pudding, Cook Mom's jar pudding and carob flour custard mix can be used. 1 year old baby pudding can be fed to babies with all the flavors mentioned.

Cook Mom's Natural and Healthy Baby Custards
Baby and children's pudding should not contain added salt and sugar and should be made from completely natural ingredients. Mothers can also make pudding for their babies. Since custards made at home will be additive-free, they will be much healthier than ready-made custards. But this time, the situation arises when the ingredients used in pudding made by mothers are ready to be bought. However, Chef Mom's baby pudding varieties, who have experienced motherhood, are prepared with completely natural and fresh ingredients, without the use of preservatives and additives. If you want to prepare your baby's custard yourself, you can try a mixture of rice flour baby custard mixture and carob flour custard mixtures, apart from Cook Mom's jar puddings. Or, since Cook Mom ready-made jars of baby puddings offer a practical use, you can spend the time you spend on making pudding for your baby.

Making Chef Mom baby pudding mixes is very simple. You can cook pudding on low heat by adding a glass of water to 1.5 tablespoons of baby pudding mixture. But do not forget to stir the pudding constantly during cooking. After cooking the boiling pudding for 2 more minutes, take it off the stove and let it cool. If you add a little cinnamon with the tip of a teaspoon to the cooled pudding, you will get a more delicious and healthy result and you will be able to speed up your baby's metabolism. In addition, if you want to add a different taste to the pudding and improve your baby's palate, you can add Cook Mom's grape or mulberry molasses, not exceeding a teaspoon, after the pudding has cooled, and sweeten your baby's pudding with healthy carob extract. You can order the Cook Mom jar baby pudding varieties and custard mixes from the Cook Mom website, and you can browse the custard recipes on the Cook Mom Youtube channel.

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