Raisin Rye Custard (6+ Months)

Raisin Rye Custard (6+ Months)

Note: If your baby isn't ready to eat tiny cut grapes yet, boil the cut grapes for 5 minutes. Separate the boiled grapes to put on the custard, cook the custard in the water. But wait for the water to cool or the flour will clump together.

Note : When using milk allergic formula milk instead of formula milk, the recipe becomes milk allergic.



  • Flour is taken into a small bowl. It is cooked by adding water to it.

  • The cooked pudding is taken into a bowl and when it is warm, the follow-on milk is added in its dry form and mixed.

  • Finally, cinnamon and grapes that have been cut into tiny pieces and whose seeds have been removed are added and fed to babies with pleasure.

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