My Baby's Cauliflower Meal (6+ Months)

My Baby's Cauliflower Meal (6+ Months)

Cauliflower is one of the vegetables that should be fed to lambs in abundance. Remember, one of the greatest favors you can do for your baby is to make him love vegetables.



  • Let's boil the cauliflower and carrot thoroughly in a separate pot.

  • Let's cook our semolina in 1 tea glass of water in a small pot. 

  • Let's combine all the ingredients.

  • Let's crush it with a fork or blend it according to your baby's eating pleasure.

  • You can add 1 pinch of mint for topping.

Note : Is there an ingredient in this recipe that you don't follow the 3-day rule for? To rule out the risk of allergy, please try all the content beforehand with the rule of 3 days. What is the 3-Day Rule in Transition to Additional Food, How is it Applied? You can also read my article.

Note 2:  There will probably be mothers who will ask about the mint. Mint is the first spice you can try for your baby.

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