Linden and Hazelnut Custard (9+ Months)

Linden and Hazelnut Custard (9+ Months)

It was a recipe I made based on the fact that Barlas loves linden very much. It tasted great.

Note: In some sources, it is stated that hazelnuts are given to babies over the age of 1, and in some sources over 8 months. So I acted on my instincts and started when I was 9.5 months old. Considering the risk of allergy, I say start giving walnuts, ladies.



  • 1 glass of brewed linden and rice flour is cooked until it reaches the consistency of pudding.

  • The cooked pudding is taken into a bowl and when it is warm, molasses is added and mixed.

  • Our fresh hazelnuts are grated (or our regular hazelnuts are pounded) and fed to the baby with the addition of cinnamon.

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