Coruh Valley Olive Oil (6+Months)

The Valley Slope on the Coruh River is the only region of the Eastern Black Sea Region suitable for olive cultivation. These trees are so ancient and unique...
Olives, which are grown by natural farming, picked by hand and transported on the ridge from high altitudes, are grown in the mountains where the hot summer sun penetrates.
Thanks to these rocky mountains, which cool down late in winter, olive growing on the valley slope creates a suitable temperate climate. For this reason, Butko Olive, the olive of this region, is known for its unrivaledness.

"Extra Virgin Olive Oil", which is hand-picked from completely naturally grown Butko Olives and processed within the same day. We present this precious collection bottled in limited numbers to you and our little gourmets.

Net Weight: 225g
Acidity Ratio: 0.4

Energy (kcal/kJ)  887
Fat (g)  99,8
Carbs (g)  0
Fiber (g)  0 
Protein (g)  0

Coruh Valley Olive Oil
303.49 TL
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