Apple Cider Vinegar 250 gr (12+ Months)

Ingredients: 100% Apple Cider Vinegar

It is produced using carefully selected apples. Consume daily, give your body a great gift. In order for the benefits of apple cider vinegar to be fully effective, it is important that the product is natural and additive-free.

- Since it is rich in pectin, which accelerates the metabolism and slows down the absorption of nutrients and liquids in the intestines, it is recommended to support weight loss, on an empty stomach and plain.

- It is recommended because it helps to eliminate the effect of sodium that causes high blood pressure and helps to maintain the alkaline balance of the blood.

- It is recommended as a support for those with stomach indigestion.

- Helps to strengthen the immune system in long-term use.

- It is recommended as a support against anemia due to its B12, folic acid and iron content.

*** Gluten free ***

It is packaged in the same environment WITHOUT CONTACT with other products containing gluten.

Usage recommendations:

It is consumed with warm water about 1 hour before breakfast and meals.

- On a full stomach or between meals, 1 teaspoon of honey is completed with melted warm water, two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1-2 drops of lemon are added and consumed twice a day.

-You can add this handmade traditional production vinegar to any food and liquid that you can add vinegar to.

Net amount: 250 g

Note: The product shelf life is 1 year.


Energy (kcal/kJ)  23
Fat (g)  0
Carbs (g)  0,8
Fiber (g)  0
Protein (g)  0


Apple Cider Vinegar
83.50 TL
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