Sourdough Baby Meatballs with Vegetables

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Sourdough Baby Meatballs with Vegetables

Bring your baby's taste together with meatballs! Our new meatball mortar offers a healthy start with its natural and nutritious ingredients.

Ingredients: Sourdough whole wheat bread, semolina, onion, wheat germ, carrot, leek, broccoli, mint, thyme, cumin, sweet red pepper powder, black pepper.

Cooking Suggestion: Add 1 kg of minced meat, 2 eggs, all the meatballs and half a glass of water and knead. To obtain small and flat meatballs, flatten the walnut-sized kneaded ground beef by giving it a ball shape with your hands. Cook in a steel saucepan with a small amount of water on low heat with the lid closed. When the cooking process is completed, add 1 spoon of butter to the pot and cook for 2 more minutes to flavor the meatballs. You can separate and cook as much as your baby will eat, and divide the rest into portions and put them in the freezer.

**Contains gluten**

Net: 160g

Shelf life : 12 months

Energy (kcal/kJ) 86,6/362,9
Fat (g) 5,2
Saturated fat (g) 0,26
Carbs (g) 61,4
Sugar (g) 6,3
Fiber (g) 7,0
Protein (g) 12,7
Sodium (g) 0,014


**Does not contain added sugar. Contains sugar from the nature of the ingredients

**Does not contain added salt. Contains sodium from the nature of the ingredients

Sourdough Baby Meatballs with Vegetables
70.00 TL
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