Vacuum Package Whole Wheat Flour (6+ Months) - 500 G

Whole wheat flour is obtained by grinding the wheat naturally without separation.
We ship in vacuumed packages so that it reaches you in its freshest form.

If your baby has iron deficiency during the complementary feeding period, get your doctor's approval to consume whole grain flours.
You can make the meals richer in terms of nutritional value by using Chef Mom Whole Wheat Flour while preparing baby cakes and pancakes, to thicken soups and in every recipe that uses flour.

Ingredients: 100% Whole Wheat Flour

Store in cool, dry place.

The expiry date is 1 year from the packaging date.

Net Amount: 500

* Contains natural sugar, no added sugar.
**Does not contain added salt. Contains sodium from the nature of foods.

Energy (kcal/kJ) 329/1377
Fat (g) 2,5
Fat (g) 0,4
Saturated fat (g) 72
Sugar (g) 1
Fiber (g) 11
Protein (g) 13
Salt (g)** 0,05
Whole wheat flour
79.75 TL
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