Rice has an important place in supplementary food in that it does not cause allergies, is easily digested and is suitable for the taste of babies. However, it is very difficult to find additive-free rice flour in the market. For this reason, supplementary food mothers always shyly approach rice.

We grind the rice in our own machine without the addition of starch.

You can safely make your baby consume rice flour, which is indispensable for infant nutrition, with the low probability of allergy in infant feeding, the flavor it adds to the soups it adds to the purees, and the cure for diarrhea.

*** Gluten free ***

It is packaged in the same environment WITHOUT CONTACT with other products containing gluten.

Cooking suggestion: Add 1 glass of water to 1.5 tablespoons of pudding mixture and cook on low heat by stirring. Take it off the stove 2 minutes after it starts to boil. When the pudding is warm, add 1 teaspoon of carob extract or molasses. If desired, you can enrich the pudding with additions such as cinnamon, fruit puree or particles, or freshly squeezed fruit juice, breast milk, (if your baby consumes) 1 scoop of dry formula, yoghurt.

Note: If you are going to enrich the custard with a liquid form such as fruit juice or breast milk after cooking, you can prepare it by adding less water to the custard, and if you are adding formula milk in dry form, adding more of the custard juice.

You can enrich your pudding by crushing the Chef Anne Bebe Biscuit on the plate with a fork without getting it wet.

The product shelf life is 1 year.

Net Weight: 250g

Energy and Nutritional Values per 100 G
Energy (kcal)  349 kcal
Fat (g)  1 g
Carbonhydrate (g)  75,6 g
  Protein (g)  6,2 g
Fiber (g)  1,4 g
Whole Rice Flour (6+Months)
72.90 TL
Prepared by  T-Soft E-Commerce.