Spoon Food with Figs (6+ Months)

Spoon Food with Figs (6+ Months)

This recipe excited me the most when I tried homemade spoon food, it tasted great. When your baby does not eat anything, you can make this food with peace of mind. At night, it is a very good spoon food alternative. Because the substance called " Tryptophan " it contains has been proven to support sleep. At the same time, figs are a strong antioxidant. That is, they have the feature of purifying the body from toxins. It increases the body's resistance and gives energy. But it is a very sugary food, even if it is natural, try not to give it too often. Let's come. recipe...



  • Flour and semolina are put in a small pot and cooked by adding water.

  • Boil figs and apricots in a saucepan for 5-6 minutes until soft.

  • Cooked pudding is taken in a bowl. It is blended with the addition of apricots and figs.

  • If your baby can eat lumpy food, mashing with a fork is fine. Bon appetit little gourmets...

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