Spoon Food with Fennel and Walnut (9+ Months)

Spoon Food with Fennel and Walnut (9+ Months)

Since Barlas was allergic to milk when he was a baby and I couldn't choose the liquid in his pudding from dairy products, I always brewed different teas and made pudding from them. Get an idea for milk allergic baby mothers.



  • Fennel tea is brewed. (It would be better if you brew the original fennel yourself.)
  • Whole wheat flour is put in the pot. It is cooked by adding brewed fennel tea on it.
  • Cooked pudding is taken in a bowl.
  • It is fed to the baby with the addition of grated or crushed walnuts and cinnamon.

Note : Some sources say walnuts are over 1 year old, while some sources say over 8 months. Care should be taken when starting walnuts, as it is a food that can be allergic. I started when I was 9.5 months old and applied the 3 day rule. You still listen to your doctor.

You can check our Ascianne.com/sut-allergic category for additional food types for milk allergic babies .

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