Quinoa Spinach (10+ Months)

Quinoa Spinach (10+ Months)

Spinach vegetable is rich in calcium and folic acid. Spinach contains vitamin A and selenium. Moreover, spinach has more protein than other green leafy vegetables. We need to prepare and present this healing vegetable to our little gourmet in the best way so that it can enjoy it.

Note 1: Spinach meal and all soups and meals with spinach should be consumed on the day it is cooked. Some harmful substances may be released inside.

Note 2:  In some sources, spinach is recorded as +8 months, and in some sources +12 months. I started at the 10th month, for your information...



  • Tomatoes are grated, onions are diced, spinach is washed and chopped cleanly, quinoa and rice are washed.
  • All of them are put in the pot in the order they are written, and cooked on low heat with the addition of half a tea glass of water.
  • Add olive oil near cooking.
  • When it is warm, it is fed to babies with pleasure.

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