Pumpkin Banana Snack (6+ Months)

Pumpkin Banana Snack (6+ Months)

Pumpkin is a very suitable fruit for babies. Its benefits are innumerable, it is easily digested, it is delicious, it is very easy for the baby to swallow, it relieves constipated babies with its fibrous structure. You can easily hide vegetables and fruits that your babies do not like inside the pumpkin. It is a complete supplementary food fruit. Additional food is the apple of the eyes of mothers :)

You can use many vegetables and fruits instead of bananas in this recipe. This recipe I will give is very practical and delicious, I guess I may have exaggerated a little if I said that it is guaranteed to eat :)


  • half a banana

  • Half a banana-sized pumpkin

  • 1-2 pinches of cinnamon

  • 1 teaspoon of honey and some crushed walnuts for 1 year olds


  • Boil the pumpkin in water or steam.

  • Mash the boiled pumpkin and banana thoroughly with a fork.

  • Let's mix all the ingredients together.

A very practical and delicious snack, enjoy our lambs.

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