Pumpkin Balls (12+ Months)

Pumpkin Balls (12+ Months)

You can try the pumpkin balls recipe, which is a good snack alternative suitable for 12+ months babies.

Note : If you use Cook Mother Milk Allergic Baby Biscuit instead of Chef Mom Baby Biscuit , the recipe will be milk allergic.



  • Pumpkin is boiled in a small saucepan. I add very little water and boil it on low until the water is gone. You can steam it to minimize the loss of vitamins and flavor.

  • Boiled pumpkin is mashed with a fork, baby biscuits are passed through the rondo. 

  • Baby biscuits, honey, cinnamon, pumpkin puree are kneaded by hand. (If it's runny, some more biscuit crumbs will be needed.)

  • Coconut is rolled in a poured bowl and taken into the container to be served.

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