Fish Soup with Tarhana (10+ Months)

Fish Soup with Tarhana (10+ Months)

This soup is prepared in a way that smells the least fishy, ​​ladies, for your information :) Although it is suitable for 8+ months in terms of material, I recommend it to babies 10+ months and older.



  • Washed salmon slice, bay leaf and half a sliced ​​onion are boiled in a small pot. On the other hand, sliced ​​potatoes and carrots are cooked in the steamer.

  • When the salmon is cooked, it is removed from the pot. It is left to cool for deboning and picking. The remaining water in the pot is also filtered into the pot where we will cook the soup.

  • Tarhana is mixed in 1 glass of cold water, added to the pot with fish broth, and cooked until it boils.

  • The steamed vegetables are mashed with a fork and added to the pot with the fish that has been sorted and shredded.

  • Add olive oil and wheat germ and cook on low heat for 2-3 minutes. Mothers who will use salt and pepper can also add it at this stage.

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