Barlas' Milk Allergy Story

Barlas' Milk Allergy Story

When Barlas was 1.5 months old, his cheeks started to turn red. I was beginning to think that she had a slightly allergic structure because she had white skin. I was looking for a solution by changing our baby detergent and not making anyone, including myself, kiss their cheeks. I paid attention to all the suspicious situations, but the cheeks did not pass. We used to relieve the redness of her cheeks with various creams given by the doctor, but we could not find a permanent solution.

By the way, the consistency of poop did not escape my attention. I was observing slimy bits. Then one day these slimy pieces turned red. Yes, I'm talking about blood in the poop. At the time, it was 2013 and  milk allergy  was not as widely known as it was at this time. I was so panicked. We went to the doctor right away and when he couldn't tell me anything clearly, we changed our doctor.

barlas' milk allergy story

I guessed from my own research that it might be a milk allergy. Our doctor also said that allergy tests before the age of 2 can give both positive and negative errors, so we have to do trial and error regardless of the results of those tests. Then it's 2013. Maybe the technology has advanced further and the principle of the tests works differently, I don't know, but I guess allergy tests before the age of 2 are still unreliable. There may be results as if there is no allergy when there is no allergy. At this point, the mother's observations are indispensable.

Our doctor said you will find your allergy. My baby was 4 months old and was exclusively breastfed. That meant I was on a dairy diet. I cut everything out of my life by drinking milk and its products. Milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, convenience foods and anything that includes them. Yes, it sounds difficult, but of course, it was not difficult for my child like every mother. It clearly showed the diet result in 1 week. For the first time, Barlas' cheeks were back to normal and there was no blood in his poop. In this way, we made our first milk allergy diagnosis. Proceeding in this way, I would gradually start to introduce foods containing milk and products into my diet in the following months.

Additional Food Period

Then came the additional food period. On the one hand, milk allergy and on the other hand, the first mother's inexperience took me to an excitement… I was confident in my milk. If he doesn't eat anything, I'll go on a milk diet and breastfeed again. Barlas was very hungry and he never upset me about it. Vegetable tastings and fruit tastings progressed at full speed and thankfully we did not encounter any allergies from that group. On the other hand, my interest in supplementary food was attracting everyone's attention, and my family and friends were constantly telling me that you should share these experiences and recipes on your social media account. Turns out  I was going to be the Cook Mom  .

Anyway, back to our topic, the fruit and vegetable tastings were successful. My son's weight also increased rapidly and I got rid of the morale of the milk allergy situation a little bit. It's time for yogurt. Of course, he will not eat cow's yoghurt, but I wondered if he could eat goat's milk yoghurt. I talked to our doctor about this and he said we can do trial and error. Because we were experiencing a moderate-to-low severe milk allergy. As far as I know, trial and error processes cannot be done haphazardly at home in those with severe milk allergy.

I fermented my goat's milk well, tried 1 teaspoon and the result was frustration. As soon as the yogurt touched his cheek, there was a serious redness. This time I was going to try yogurt from breast milk. But after all, I needed a yogurt while I was fermenting it. I fermented breast milk with cow yoghurt and tried it for Barlas. I made that fermented yogurt in the second yogurt and tried it. Unfortunately, he also had allergies. Its consistency is like buttermilk anyway, I looked at its taste with fear and didn't like it. But I was very upset because my baby couldn't eat yogurt. Actually, I didn't need to be so upset, we could eat vegetables and fruits, I was breastfeeding, but here is motherhood...


I kept worrying about the yogurt thing. I thought of whether I can ferment yoghurt with goat's milk-based formula milk. I consulted this situation with our doctor and he said you can do a trial and error again. He said that as the processed milk product is processed, the severity of allergy decreases. (For example, yogurt soup causes less severe allergies rather than eating yogurt directly) And the result. Barlas ate the yoghurt that I fermented with goat's milk-based formula and did not cause any allergies. I fed this yogurt to Barlas for a long time. But it's a tough yogurt to keep. It needs to be made in the oven or in the yogurt maker. I have a recipe for fermenting yogurt from formula milk on my blog, by the way, for those who want to take a look.

Then where is there no Chef Mom :) There is neither milk allergic tarhana in the market, nor milk allergic baby biscuits … There was only one brand of allergic baby biscuits, I thought I'd buy it. But unfortunately the content was disgraceful. Starches, glucose syrups, tons of additives… It was never meant to be given to a baby. I was making my own baby biscuits at home with olive oil. But do not worry, you are lucky. Your milk allergic lambs have a Chef Mom :)

Anyway, sir. Then Barlas was 8 months old and the mince tasting would begin. I was afraid because our doctor said that babies with milk allergy may also be allergic to veal or lamb products with a 30% probability. On the other hand, I was comforting myself by saying, "At least we do trial and error, if he has an allergy, he will have a moderate reaction." Fortunately, he was not allergic to lamb or beef.

I Started Eating Butter

During this time, I am breastfeeding my baby as well. I'm on a dairy diet, it's very strict. But how I crave butter, I haven't eaten it for months. I said I'm going to eat butter, and I would have made a little experiment. I also consulted our doctor and started eating butter. When there was no allergy symptom in Barlas, I started giving it to Barlas and it did not cause allergies. I was so happy. Because we added butter to our diet.

On average, butter contains 86% fat , 14% milk and residues. So it is possible to have a much less severe reaction than a milk. In general, doctors start with butter when they have milk-allergic babies make "tests whether they have survived the allergy." Then yogurt soup, then yogurt, then cheese, then the milk itself is tried in order according to the degree of processing.

barlas milk allergic

Anyway, we opened the first lock, butter, when Barlas was 8 months old. But yoghurt lock from dairy products would continue for 1 more year.

By the way, when Barlas was 8 months old, I opened the Cook Mom Instagram account and started sharing my recipes :)

Until Barlas was 1.5 years old, we continued our solid food period with only the butter unlocked. At the age of 1.5, I tried a dare yogurt soup, it did not cause allergies. Then baby curd, then cow yoghurt... 20-month-old Barlas could eat it all. At the age of 2, he was able to drink cow's milk lukewarm. Thank goodness we got through.

Such was our dairy allergy adventure. I hope you will get over your allergy as soon as possible, my little milk-allergic gourmets.

These are my experiences that I wrote. Please make your doctor's evaluations your priority. Because every allergy progresses differently in every child.

Stay healthy and with love…

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