Apple Crisps (9+ Months)

Apple Crisps (9+ Months)

This recipe is both delicious, healthy, and smooth to chunky, making it a great choice for transitioning to solid food, as well as finger food. In my opinion, a food must be absolutely delicious in order to be introduced to solid food. The baby is already trying to get used to a different consistency, so don't worry about taste.

Barlas apple crisps; molasses, followed by breakfast cereal with milk and fennel tea. This means that it is possible to both eat food with a blender and always enjoy solid food. The recipe is actually 6+ months in terms of ingredients but 9+ months in terms of eating difficulties. I sometimes cut these apples with a diameter of 6 mm and made finger food, sometimes I smashed them with a fork. I also arranged these pieces on the tray of the highchair, obviously so that he can eat himself.

Note : When using milk allergic formula milk instead of formula milk, the recipe becomes milk allergic.


  • 1 ripe apple

  • 2 teaspoons whole wheat flour

  • 1 teaspoon heaped rice flour

  • 2 tablespoons follow-on/formula milk

  • Cinnamon with the tip of a teaspoon

  • olive oil to grease the pan


  • Continue milk, flour and cinnamon are mixed in a bowl until homogeneous. A mixture of cake batter consistency is obtained.

  • The apples are washed cleanly, the skins are thinly peeled and cut into quarters and then sliced ​​thinly. (My sauce measures were enough to sauce 12 small apple slices.)

  • Apple slices are dipped in flour and milk mixture.

  • Grease a medium sized pan.

  • Apple slices with sauce are fried in a pan on low heat.

  • When one side of the apple slices is cooked, the apples are turned over for the uncooked side.

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