Winter Puree (12+ Months)

Winter Puree (12+ Months)

Actually this recipe is 8+ months if we omit the tomato. Babies of 8+ months who have started tomatoes early can eat this puree.

You can put it in a bowl as much as your baby can eat, put the rest in a mini glass jar and store it in the refrigerator for the next day. It tasted so good that I ate a bowl too. In the sizes I will give, 2 portions of puree are obtained, for your information..



  • All ingredients except pasta and olive oil are chopped and placed in a mini pot.
  • Then the pasta is added and cooked with water at a level that will pass the ingredients by 2-3 fingers.
  • Add olive oil near cooking.
  • Finally, it is mashed with a fork or served by blending.

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