When Do Babies Crawl and Sit?

When Do Babies Crawl and Sit?

There are many concerns that come with the question of when a baby's first crawl will occur. Can babies crawl at 4 months? Do babies crawl at 2 months? Do babies sit or crawl first? Seriously, when do babies crawl?

Breathe deeply, crawling is not a race. While there are some things you can do to help your baby crawl, there's no need to stress if your baby is crawling a little later than their peers. Actually think of it as a good thing. Because babies start to crawl and they never stop. In fact, some babies don't really crawl at all. Some babies are lazy to crawl and try to move forward with movements similar to crawling in a sitting position (This is my eldest son Barlas :) ) Sometimes they take a step and start walking straight without crawling!

So now let's get to the frequently asked questions about crawling.

Do Babies Sit or Crawl First?

Babies usually learn to sit down at around 24 weeks . Sitting helps baby develop abdominal muscles to crawl. Like many important discoveries, moving from sitting to crawling can sometimes happen by accident. Unlike sitting, crawling is not a developmental sign. But if it does happen, probably some degree of sitting will come before crawling.

Yet every baby is unique and they all develop at different rates. Not all babies follow the same way of sitting, crawling, and then walking. Some babies begin to move with the aim of pulling directly, standing, and walking.

How Old Are Babies?

If your baby goes on a crawling journey, that journey could be anywhere from 6 to 10 months . Crawling at 6 months involves rocking back and forth while also gaining momentum to continue crawling in the future.

During this period, it is necessary to be patient, not to keep your baby standing and not to strain his muscles so that he can walk.

Again, it's important to remember that every child is unique. If you are in any way concerned about your baby's development, you can consult your doctor.

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How Can I Help My Baby Learn to Crawl?

Does Baby Gym Work?

This means making sure your baby spends some time on their tummy, preferably when they are awake and preferably not crying. This is very important for the baby. Because standing on your stomach is for babies; It is a full body exercise that targets the arms , back and neck . This is a great way to work the crawling muscles.

It's never too early to start abdominal exercise. You can even start with some exercises for about 3 or 4 minutes, 3 times a day with your newborn.

Other ways to do baby gymnastics are to have her clap her hands above her head and lift her feet slightly off the ground. You can do this with a well-placed toy that will attract his attention.

Apart from that, you can put a mirror in front of your baby during the exercise. His own reflection will interest him and befriend him. You will see them reaching towards the mirror and trying to hold their reflection.

How Do I Keep My Crawling Baby Safe?

A crawling baby can do a lot of mischief. You should make sure your home is child-friendly and put stair gates at the top and bottom entrances of stairs. Your baby  will want to climb stairs like an explorer climbing Mount Everest . However, stairs can be dangerous because they are seductive.

It's best to limit stairs until your baby can walk well. It's also a good idea to move low furniture away from windows. So your baby stays away from windowsills.

Keep windows closed and locked, or have large latches on them that prevent them from opening ( baby latches ). Make sure there are no loose bedding, pillows or toys in your baby's crib. When your baby starts to crawl, he may try to use them to get out of his crib.

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What's next?

Now that she's done a lot of crawling practice, she'll try to stand up and learn to walk. It will continue to pull itself up with whatever it can reach, whether it's a coffee table or an armchair.

As your baby begins to balance his legs, he will try to learn to stand and advance on his own. Progression is the area where your baby will move in an upright position while holding onto furniture or a chair. Once your baby has mastered the progression part, it's only a matter of time before you can move on to the walking, running, and jumping part.

Crawling and Complementary Food Periods

The period when babies start to crawl on average is 6-10 months. In this period , it coincides with the period when you will gradually get signals to start additional food . The fact that babies spend energy by crawling and thus accelerate their hunger is a situation that we mothers are happy about during the supplementary food period.

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