What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

What Should Be in the Birth Bag?

25 November 2021

For Mother:

*2-3 sets of pajamas (buttoned or snap fastened in the front to be suitable for breastfeeding)

*Dressing gown


*3-4 pairs of socks

*5 pieces of panties (I kept the panties I wore when I was 3-5 months pregnant for the delivery in the hospital, because right after the birth, your belly looks like you are 3 months pregnant)

*2-3 nursing bras

*chest pad

* Nipple cream

*Hygenic pad and disposable absorbent panties (I strongly recommend disposable absorbent panties for the first day)

*Personal care supplies (Comb, hairpin, make-up materials, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)

*Comfortable clothes for the hospital exit (Because breastfeeding will be possible on the way home, a top that opens comfortably should be preferred)

* Identity, analysis, insurance, etc. It is useful to check the documents you need to have with you, such as

For baby:

*I made a package for the baby to wear a full suit after the operation room. In the package (1 double-breasted top, 1 bottom with booties, 1 pair of socks, 1 body with snap fastener, 1 pair of gloves, 1 cap, 1 jumpsuit, 1 blanket)

*4-5 pairs of bodysuits (Double-breasted)

*4-5 bootie bottoms

*4-5 pieces of body (It would be better if it is double-breasted, it will be easy to wear since it has an umbilical cord.)

-4-5 pieces of overalls

*4-5 pairs of gloves and socks

*1-2 pairs of booties

*4-5 combed hats

*2-3 cotton blankets


*10-15 pieces of baby diapers

*Wet wipes or cotton suitable for newborns (I used cotton, square ones, you also need a mini plastic mug.)

* A diaper rash cream with clean ingredients

* Mouth cloths prepared for baby

* Baby lap for safety in the vehicle when leaving the hospital

For Father or Companion:

* Spare clothes

*Comfortable clothes that will be used for the hospital interior

* Pajamas set


* Necessary materials for personal hygiene (Deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)

*Camera, batteries, chargers, camera

*Book, magazine

I wish all mothers-to-be a happy birthday.

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