What is Tooth Wheat, Why Is It Made?

What is Tooth Wheat, Why Is It Made?

Tooth wheat is a ceremonial celebration in Turkish tradition when the baby's first tooth erupts. Another name is also known as Toothbrush. In fact, although it is a very old tradition, it is one of our oldest traditions that still continues to be practiced. So what is this tooth wheat?

The reason why tooth wheat exists according to ancient traditions is that babies' teeth look beautiful and healthy like wheat. In addition, it was believed that the future life of the baby would be abundantly fruitful as well as the fertility of wheat by making tooth wheat. And this tradition has managed to come up to this day for years. There are still mothers and fathers who still celebrate the main purpose of this tradition, knowingly or unknowingly. Another aspect of tooth wheat is that it is celebrated as a fun activity to support the mother, who is even more tired from birth.

Every mother and father are eagerly waiting for their baby's first tooth to come out. Whoever sees the baby's first tooth, according to the tradition of tooth wheat, that person should buy the baby a gift that he can remember for a lifetime. This is another beauty and one of the unchangeable rules of tooth wheat.


When Is Tooth Wheat Made?

Since the development of each baby is different, the teething period may vary accordingly. In general, babies start teething as of the 6th month, while some babies have their first tooth in their 4th month, and in some babies, the teething month may last up to 1-1.5 years. In this respect, each baby's batch of tooth wheat differs according to its teething.


Now that your baby has finally had his first tooth, it's time for the traditional tooth wheat ceremony. First, a date is determined and all relatives and friends are informed. And the preparations for the tooth wheat begin. The clothes that the baby will wear at the special tooth wheat party can be bought. Some mothers now use these clothes for mother-baby combinations. This makes them look very stylish too.


Tooth Wheat Ingredients and Preparation

After clarifying the question of what is tooth wheat, it's time to prepare our wheat.

- 4 cups of pre-boiled wheat

- 1 cup of pre-boiled chickpeas

- Your favorite types of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts

- Colorful candies

How Is Tooth Wheat Made?

Mix the previously boiled wheat and chickpeas while they are warm. You can adjust the sugar ratio by adding powdered sugar according to your own taste. Add nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds that you have bought according to your taste, to the wheat by breaking them as you wish or by crushing them. You can also decorate the plate with colorful candies cake decorations. All the ingredients of the tooth wheat can be completely adjusted to your taste.


How is the Tooth Wheat Party Celebrated?

Now that our tooth wheat is ready, it's time to welcome our guests and get the party started. At the tooth wheat party, our baby is first placed in the middle. According to the month of teething, if he cannot sit still, he is laid down. Over the baby's head and the wheat grains are thrown. These spilled wheat grains are then collected and some of them are dried and attached to the baby as an amulet. The remaining wheat is given to the birds so that they can have plenty of blessings.


After the wheat pouring ceremony is over, prepared tooth wheat is served to the guests. Then the guests play and have fun with music as they wish. After the fun, according to the tradition of tooth wheat, in addition to tooth wheat, there is also a need for materials to represent different occupational groups for the baby at the party. Such as scissors, book, pen, spoon, comb, money, ball, mirror as tooth wheat party supplies.

So what to do with these materials?

According to the belief, these materials are left in front of the baby. Whichever our baby reaches and picks up, it is thought to be a sign that he will do that profession in the future. It is not necessary to believe, you can also do it for fun.

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