Week by Week Pregnancy Development and Pregnancy Calendar

Week by Week Pregnancy Development and Pregnancy Calendar

From the first day she learns that she is pregnant, expectant mothers take a step on a new life journey. Now life continues with +1 person, all plans change. You know that a different innovation and development awaits you every week during your 9-month pregnancy. Pregnancy weeks are like a new adventure for candidates who experience the excitement of motherhood for the first time. Week by week pregnancy is a fun, exciting, sometimes tiring, sometimes stressful, but most exciting process. This guide, which we have prepared for the mother and the baby to learn what will happen during the pregnancy week by week, and to enable them to follow the pregnancy, will definitely be very useful. Let's examine what is the pregnancy process week by week, what's going on.

1st Week of Pregnancy

Week-by-week pregnancy symptoms start from the first week. During the 1st week of pregnancy, you will see your last period (menstruation) as a mother-to-be. Your doctor accepts one week after your last menstrual period as the first week. Your egg is not yet fertilized.

2nd Week of Pregnancy
The fertilization of the egg in the tubes usually takes place in the second week. During this period, your egg will be fertilized and the embryo will implant in your uterus.

3rd Week of Pregnancy
You are in the period when blood pregnancy tests may be positive before menstrual delay is experienced, and pregnancy tests with urine kits may start to be positive, albeit faintly. In this week, the embryo is in the process of implanting in the uterus.

4th Week of
Pregnancy The 4th week of pregnancy officially starts the pregnancy. It is usually the week when we learn about pregnancy and we will experience a missed period. Pregnancy tests in blood and urine tests are positive. Congratulations, you are pregnant :)
Symptoms such as delay in your menstrual period, nausea, and dizziness begin to appear. Symptoms do not always show themselves from the first week, sometimes after a few weeks. Sleepiness, fatigue, breast tenderness, nausea, etc. It is highly likely that you have not experienced the symptoms yet. Not feeling these symptoms does not change the fact that your baby is there, your baby starts to grow without you knowing.
From this week until the 10th week, your baby's organs will develop and some organs will even work. Your baby is still as small as a poppy seed grain. It will be very difficult to view the height on ultrasound, but it is possible to say that it is around 1-2 mm. Your body may have problems such as chronic fatigue, breast tenderness, nausea, constant desire to sleep, and weakness. Rest at every opportunity, eat healthy foods, don't forget to drink water.

5th week of pregnancy
The 5th week of pregnancy has arrived; Your baby is now the size of a sesame seed. Your baby's organs are not fully developed yet. Your baby consists of three layers; ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm. Layers turn into tissues and organs. In the 5th week, the brain, spinal cord, nerves and spine begin to form.

6th Week of
Pregnancy Week 6 of pregnancy indicates that your baby is the size of an apple seed. In this week, the baby's pouch has reached a size that can be seen on ultrasound. Now your baby's mouth, nose, ear are taking shape; arms and legs begin to form. This week, which is the second month, is actually the month when most expectant mothers learn about the existence of their baby. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, breast enlargement, pain may continue during these weeks.

7th Week in Pregnancy
The 7th week of pregnancy shows your baby getting a little longer. Reaching an average of 12 mm in length, your baby's head develops faster than his body because his brain development is faster. Your baby's digestive and respiratory development unfolds, your baby now has kidneys. It will likely start producing urine the next week. Arms, legs, tiny fingers grow, a real baby look is achieved. You have a tiny, pea-sized baby in your belly!

8th Week of Pregnancy
The 8th week of pregnancy marks the completion of the 2nd month. The heart is formed, the heartbeat can be heard from the ultrasound device. The heartbeat is now extremely rapid and exciting compared to adults because it beats 100 – 150 times per minute. In some pregnant women, troubling pregnancy symptoms may continue until the next month or even delivery. As a mother-to-be, you can be more emotional and more appetizing starting this month. You may have mild swelling in your hands and feet. Heartburn, sensitivity to smells, and food aversion are also possible reactions. Your baby's mouth, eyes, nose become clearer, eyelids are formed. With this week, cartilage and bone development accelerates. His organs have almost completed their development, they even start to make small movements, but it is very difficult for you to feel because it is not strong enough.

9th week of pregnancy
The 9th week of pregnancy is the week when nutrition becomes important. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid harmful consumption. Week by week, pregnancy weight will increase and healthy weight gain will gain importance. Your baby is growing faster now. Your complaints of gas, heartburn and bloating may increase during this period. Your baby has reached an average of 2 inches in length. It's like a grape. Eyelids, tooth roots begin to form. His fingers are separated from each other and turned into 10 fingers.

10th Week of Pregnancy
The 10th week of pregnancy means that your baby has reached the size of a strawberry. You now have a taller and heavier baby. Your baby can move his fingers and slightly increase his movements. Now your baby's activities can be described as asleep - awake. Your baby's ear canals develop during this period. It is still too early for the sex of the baby.

11th week of pregnancy
The 11th week of pregnancy can start well for you. This week, your nausea and vomiting may decrease or stop, and your fatigue may go away. Your body can now become more energetic. Your baby is the size of a fig this week. The head-to-body ratio is about to return to normal. The development of its organs is almost ready. Your baby's brain, kidneys and lungs are now fully functional. In other words, your baby can do actions such as yawning, swallowing, sucking, urinating. And good news! Your baby is now learning to kick and loves it!

12th week of pregnancy
The 12th week of pregnancy is the week when it is possible to learn the gender. It can be learned at the earliest, but don't get excited because it is learned very rarely. (The gender learning process can take up to 16 weeks.) Your baby avoids showing himself, no matter how much he is like a lime. Since your baby is 12 weeks, 3 months old, his hair may start to grow, fingernails and toenails grow, vocal cords develop, and bones begin to harden. When it comes to movement, it becomes very skillful and energetic, and continues to kick.

13th week of pregnancy
Colostrum, the first milk, begins to be produced in this period. Your baby will be the size of a lemon this period. Your baby, who is 25 grams and 8 centimeters tall, knows how to yawn, kick, turn, and move his fingers. It has tiny and soft hairs on its skin. The liver starts to work, the sucking – swallowing reflex develops, the sexual organ is fully formed.

14th week of
pregnancy 14th week of pregnancy means a peach-sized baby. You and your baby can now feel more energetic, relaxed and free. These are the most enjoyable periods of pregnancy. Nausea usually ends, the desire to go to the toilet decreases. Your baby is very active, his eyelids develop, his neck develops, he gets rid of keeping his head in a fixed position.

15th Week of Pregnancy
The 15th week of pregnancy refers to the comfortable periods of your baby and you. Your baby, which has reached the size of a sweet apple, shows that it is in your stomach, your belly is slightly protruding. Your cravings may increase your desire to eat. Your baby's bones continue to harden. It can move anywhere. Ears continue to develop. They are very active when awake, moving their bodies almost to practice. Who knows, maybe he's even started to suck his thumb!

16th Week of Pregnancy
At 16th week of pregnancy, you have an avocado in your belly. Your baby, which measures 11 cm and 100 grams, is now heavier and taller. Your doctor can clearly see the gender of your baby this week, but in rare cases, the baby's position in the womb may not be appropriate. You will have a much higher chance of finding out the gender in the next viewings. Your baby's eyelids and eyelashes continue to develop in this process, but they can move their eyes.

17th Week of
Pregnancy The 17th week of pregnancy, that is, the 4th month is about to end. Your baby reaches the size of a pomegranate; hair, eyebrows and eyelashes grow. He can move his mouth, trying to breathe. Your baby continues to get stronger and develop. During this period, you should continue to eat healthy in terms of vitamins and minerals and use the support given by your doctor.

18th week of pregnancy
The 18th week of pregnancy requires some care. Now avoid sudden movements, take care to keep your blood sugar at an ideal level, drink plenty of fluids. Your baby, which is the size of an artichoke, can now clearly show its gender. Unless, of course, he turns his back on you! During this period, your baby's fingerprints are formed, his holding ability increases, his ears begin to hear, and he may even react to loud noises. You can feel their kicks now.

19th week of pregnancy
The 19th week of pregnancy may have weighed you down a bit. As your baby grows, you start to gain weight and you feel heaviness. But still have a good time because your baby is still developing! Your baby will be the size of a mango at 19 weeks. The head-body ratio becomes ideal. The sense of taste develops in the tongue. Hearing capacity increases. The waxy white membrane, which will protect its body, begins to develop. Your appetite may have increased, do not neglect to eat carefully.

20th Week in Pregnancy
Week 20 of pregnancy shows that your baby has reached the size of a banana. Your 25 cm, 300 g baby completes the first half of the process in the 20th week. In girls, the uterus is formed during this period, and in boys, the testicles are formed. His heartbeat is now as strong as his body.

21st Week of Pregnancy
The 21st week of pregnancy may be one of the periods when you feel good. You have officially entered the second half of pregnancy. Your baby is now the size of a carrot. Its height is 27 centimeters, and its weight is about 310 grams. His heart beats much stronger, he hears you clearly, his kidneys work efficiently, his facial features are developed, and arm-leg balance is established. Since you have learned the gender of your baby in the past weeks, you can start thinking about a name and make small preparations.

22nd Week in Pregnancy
The 22nd week of pregnancy shows that your baby is the size of a coconut. Your baby and you are now about to complete the 5th month. You are in a period where you can enjoy your pregnancy. Your baby is 450 grams on average this period. He hears you, reacts, calms down with your voice, becomes happy. Talk and sing a lot. Your baby's sleeping and waking states become a routine now.

23rd Week in Pregnancy
The 23rd week of pregnancy emphasizes the importance of calcium. Calcium intake is important for the healthy development of your baby and you. Your baby reaches the size of a grapefruit at this time, and weighs about 500 grams. Bone and tooth development continues, his sense of hearing gets stronger, he starts to gain weight. You can give your baby some joy during this period; Calm dances accompanied by music can make him happy.

24th Week in Pregnancy
With the 24th week of pregnancy, you have a small melon in your belly. A sweet melon, 32 cm, weighing 600 grams. Your little melon looks like a real baby now. The details on your little baby's face became clear. The development of the lungs continues. You may experience some new ailments: Your back may hurt because your belly has grown. If you haven't switched to flat and comfortable shoes yet, now is the time.

25th Week of Pregnancy
Your baby is now the size of a cauliflower. It is an exciting period where you will feel your movements and kicks badly. However, as you have grown physically, your movements may be restricted, and you may feel swelling and pain. If it's your baby, the development continues: the brain continues to grow, the facial features and limbs reach their real baby form, the umbilical cord gets stronger.

26th Week of Pregnancy
The 26th week of pregnancy shows that your baby has reached the size of a zucchini, about 670 grams. His spine gets stronger, his lungs develop, he maintains his mobility energetically. During this period, you may have swelling in your feet and pain in your back. You can take care to use flat shoes, get plenty of rest, and sit with your legs stretched out. Do not neglect water consumption.

27th week of pregnancy
The 27th week marks the end of the 6th month of pregnancy. At 27 weeks pregnant, your baby is 37 centimeters, 900 grams. Your baby's facial features, which are about the size of a curly lettuce, settle in this period, their immune system develops, their senses develop, their taste sensitivity increases, and they reach a regular sleep cycle. Don't be alarmed when your baby doesn't move, he may be asleep. Heartburn can be common during this period, be careful to consume plenty of fluids. Small walks will be good for you and your baby, do not neglect it.

28th Week in Pregnancy
The 28th week of pregnancy declares that your baby is the size of an eggplant. Now you have a baby who can blink his eyes and perceive the light in the outside world. Your baby's brain development continues as he slowly prepares for the outside world. His heart beats more now, anyone who puts his ear can hear these beats. You and your partner can feel it with your hand as its movements accelerate. Your back and lower back pain may continue, do not forget to support yourself physically.

29th Week in Pregnancy
The 29th week of pregnancy means that your baby will grow faster. You can speed up the preparations for your baby, which is now the size of a pumpkin. Since there are 11 weeks left after this week, mother-baby bag, baby cradle, etc., despite the risk of premature birth. You have to get the important stuff done. Your baby has reached 40 cm in length and 1.1 kg in weight this week. We have reached the stage where growth will accelerate. His lungs have actually developed enough to breathe, but it's still a little early. Your baby's movements can be quite strong. Babies reach a certain movement pattern starting from these weeks. It's like post-meal activity. Therefore, consult your doctor if you feel that your baby is sedentary and lasting for a long time.

30th Week in Pregnancy
Week 30 of pregnancy marks your baby reaching for a cabbage. Your cabbage-sized baby should be around 1300 grams and 40 centimeters. This week, which is the maturation period of the brain and lungs, your fatigue may increase. You may be sleepy. You may feel heavy and weak. Your mental changes may fluctuate depending on hormones. Keep calm, get plenty of rest, drink water, eat healthy and prepare for the birth of your baby.

31st Week of Pregnancy
The 31st week of pregnancy marks the start of the countdown. You have stepped into the last 10 weeks. If you haven't prepared for your baby yet, it's time for shopping and preparation. The 31st week corresponds to the end of the 7th month. Your baby is now the size of an asparagus bunch. 41 cm, 1.45 kilos in weight. Lengthening of the body slows down during this period, and weight gain continues. The head and body are completely proportional, the face is clear. During this period, your baby's eye pigments develop, but reach their clear color after birth.

32nd Week of
Pregnancy During the 32nd week of pregnancy, the baby can turn upside down in the womb and move to the birth position. Doctors follow this process and take it under control. But do not panic, this does not mean premature birth. Don't neglect the controls though. Your baby will reach the size of a gourd this week. 42 cm, 1.6 kilos now. While his lungs and digestive system continue to develop, the development of other organs is finished. In this week when you step into the 8th month, your baby's movements increase and you feel more.

33rd Week in Pregnancy At 33
weeks pregnant, your baby has reached the size of a huge stalked celery. In this period when you are even heavier, you can work your muscles for delivery and do kegel exercises with the advice of your doctor. When we look at the development of your baby, we can see that his height is 44 cm and his weight is 1.85. In this period, you have a baby who can hear, feel and see you, albeit a little. Your baby, whose skin structure and immune system are strengthened, continues to maintain his sweet kicks.

34th Week in Pregnancy
The 34th week is the period when your pregnancy weight and fatigue increase. Your energy may drop a little, it's normal. It's almost the end, leave your worries behind, keep getting ready for your baby. Because your baby, which has turned into a large melon, is 45 cm and weighs 2 kilograms, with you in your belly. Your baby may be preparing for birth in your womb at this time. Your doctor may want to check you more often.

35th Week in Pregnancy
The 35th week of pregnancy is the week when your baby is symbolized by the pineapple. We can say that the week-by-week pregnancy process has now entered its final stages. Your baby's 45-cm, 2.5-kilo condition can limit your movements and cause back pain. You are at a time when you need to be careful. Your baby, who is almost ready for birth, can spin and feel inside you.

36th Week in Pregnancy
The 36th week of pregnancy announces that you have stepped into the 9th month. You are now in the last month. I hope your baby will be in your arms in good health very soon. During this period, you may feel excited, happy, confused. Your baby may enter the birth position and delivery can occur at any time. Make sure your birth preparations are complete. Your baby is a sweet papaya fruit this week. He has grown quite a bit with a weight of 2.7 kilograms and a height of 47 centimeters. So much so that the mother's belly may have started to feel narrow for your baby.

37th Week in
Pregnancy At 37 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is the size of a lettuce, ie 48 inches, 2.8 kilograms. Your baby, whose weight is increasing faster, may rush to meet you. As your baby is ready for birth, it descends to the lower part of your abdomen, so the pressure on your ribs is reduced and you feel more comfortable. Your baby's health and development are in place in this process. Because all his organs developed, his fine hair fell out, his digestive system began to work.

38th Week of Pregnancy
In your 38th week of pregnancy, we have to say that your baby is the size of a winter squash. Your baby, 50 cm, 3 kg, is ready to be born. Talk to your baby often during this period, prepare him for the outside world. Your baby is more than ready to be born and let out a loud cry at birth. In the last weeks of your pregnancy, milk may flow from your breast, this milk is the first milk your baby will drink, colostrum, and it is very valuable.

39th Week of Pregnancy At
39th week of pregnancy, you have a pumpkin that is 51 inches, weighing 3.2 pounds. Your baby can be born at any time, be very prepared, take care of yourself physically. Even your date of birth can now be determined. Plan everything from your maternity bag to your route to the hospital. Observe the signs of the onset of labor, if your water breaks or you bleed, etc. If so, contact your doctor immediately.

40th Week of Pregnancy Week
40 of pregnancy means that you will have your baby in your arms in a few hours, maybe a few days. Your baby, which is the size of a watermelon, is 52 centimeters and weighs 3.4 kilograms. It's probably already in the birth canal. You should have finished the birth preparations during this period. When thinking about birth, think only positive, stay away from bad thoughts. Inform your relatives, prepare your home, prepare your hospital bag. Your baby has completed the process of living with you. Your week-by-week pregnancy follow-up process is now over, it's time to hold your baby in your arms. Raise your baby with health and happiness.

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