Baby Tarhana(Instant Baby Soup Powder)

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Baby Tarhana (6+ Months) - 250 G
Tired of tarhana constitution, tomato soup and sour tarhana? Since I was bored, we went after the original tarhana flavor. We present you the world's first soup, tarhana, which is ready to be prepared with baby-friendly ingredients and with love from the family. We do not produce it once a season and sell that tarhana all year. Our tarhana is produced in the past. Another important feature of us is that the dough of tarhana is kneaded with yoghurt. Alternative and more delicious designs for both cows and good babies...

whole wheat flour,
Wheat flour
Red sweet pepper (Capia pepper)
Goat yogurt (28.6%)

Allergen Warning: Contains goat products and gluten.

***Does not contain cows, cows, eggs and salt.***

It is completely homemade and produced with baby-friendly content. The best is to set the settings. Sugar, additives, additives, preservatives, leavening agents, colorants, etc. Does not contain chemicals.

***Sour tarhana yeast is not used. Unsalted Capia Pepper paste was used.***

Prepared for baby's taste.

The date of manufacture and expiry date are written on the package.

Note: Due to the current situation in the supply of tar packaging (1st food stand with 2 food packaging).

Meal Suggestion: Eat 1 meal, take a small portion of tarhana. You can add and reduce 1 glass of water according to pouring it on it. Diler, we are unprepared for 1 or two minutes more than your anger.

*Take from the cooking service pack with a dry and clean spoon. Do not take with a damp spoon.

Note: The product shelf life is 1 year.

Weight: 250 g

* Contains natural sugar, no added sugar.
**Without added salt. It includes those that come from the content of the fives.

Energy and Nutritional Values Per 100 G
Energy (kcal/kJ) 289/1103
Fat (g) 3,6
  - Saturated fat (g) 1,0
Carbohyrdrate (g) 53,7
  - Sugar (g)* 1,3
Fiber (g) 2,5
Protein (g) 9,3
Salt (g)** 0,05

Baby Tarhana(Instant Baby Soup Powder)
85.00 TL
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