Product Code : AA0148
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Aşçı Anne Sertifikaları
Ingredients: Rice flour, whole wheat flour (14.2%), wheat flour, apple juice concentrate, butter, skimmed milk powder, olive oil, wheat starch, egg yolk (2.4%), pure vanilla

Allergen Warning: Contains milk and dairy products (lactose), gluten and egg yolk. Egg white was not used. If your baby is allergic to any ingredient in this product, please do not use it.

One of the most important features that distinguishes our baby biscuits from other baby biscuits on the market is that they are produced upon your order and on the day that is planned to be shipped to you. Our baby biscuits are not stocked. The product should be consumed within 7 days from the date you opened the package. Production date and expiry date are written on the package, respectively.

*** Does not contain added sugar, preservatives, leavening agents, lard and substances derived from pork, coloring. ***

Usage Suggestions:

-You can add it to fruit purees by crushing it.

-You can use it directly as BLW-style finger food.

- If you are using formula food, you can prepare it and crush our biscuit in it to prepare a satisfying meal.

- If you are expressing your milk, you can give it by crushing it in breast milk.

- If you are preparing a linden-based mixture for breakfast, you can use it there too.

Net: 80g

Note: The product shelf life is 6 months.

Energy (kcal/kJ) 544,5 / 2281
Fat (g) 19,3
Saturated fat (g) 5,91
Carbs (g) 81,8
Sugar (g) 13,1
Fiber (g) 5,4
Protein (g) 11
Salt (g)** 0,00


86.90 TL
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