Use of Ground Mince in Babies

Use of Ground Mince in Babies

Babies can start consuming ground beef when they are in their 8th month after completing their 7th month. The risk of iron deficiency is quite common during these months as red meat is one of the best sources of iron and iron from animal sources is very easily absorbed. For this reason, ground beef has an important place in infant nutrition.

So, let's find answers to the questions of where to buy ground beef, whether to choose beef or lamb, how to preserve it, how to thaw frozen ground beef in the healthiest way and how to cook it.

Things to Consider When Choosing Ground Mince

First of all, buy the ground meat from a butcher you trust, by choosing the meat with your eyes and having it freshly ground with you. Do not choose pre-ground ground beef. Veal is better as a source of iron, but lamb is the cleanest because it is more exposed to pollution and drugs. Let's prefer lamb meat to our babies and have the meat double shot.

Since it is not possible to buy a small amount of minced meat every day, we have to put the minced meat in the freezer. The average amount of ground beef a baby will eat is one walnut size per day . Let's take the minced meat of this size with the help of a dessert spoon and put it in the freezer bag and tie the mouth of the bag. Then, if we press with our hands, it will be easier to dissolve, it will gain a thin disc form, minced meat, and the dissolving time will be shortened. Then let's throw it in the freezer without wasting time. I buy half a kilo of ground beef, it comes out about 13 bags.

Defrosting and Cooking Ground Mince

Let's come to the method of defrosting and cooking the minced meat… There are those who apply a wide variety of methods while defrosting them. I will tell you the healthiest. Take the minced meat from the freezer, take it out of its bag and put it in your little pot without defrosting it. Add some water (approximately half a tea glass) and dissolve it on the lowest heat of the smallest stove. Stir occasionally with a spoon at this stage. If you make the minced meat into a disc shape and freeze it, it will be thawed more easily and quickly. You will both save time and skip the bacteria production stage while the meat is being defrosted. Another important point at this stage is that the ground beef should never burn. Everything that is burned is carcinogenic, it is harmful to all of us, let's not forget.

You can add spices (cumin, tarragon, coriander, thyme) to the ground meat cooked with water, tomato sauce and oil, cook for 1-2 more minutes and make any soup you want on it. My son likes ground beef the most  in this recipe  , for your information.

I end my article by saying I hope your little ones are among those who love meat very much.

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