The Best of Pumpkin (8+ Months)

The Best of Pumpkin (8+ Months)

For Barlas, this is the most beautiful pumpkin. Rice and smooth… With onions, garlic… With mint and wheat germ… With olive oil, yoghurt on the side…

Note : When we said a spoonful of zucchini food, a spoonful of yoghurt with wheat germ, a spoonful of zucchini with germ, and a spoonful of zucchini with yogurt, we swept away. Have fun right now.



  • Quarter onion and 1 clove of garlic are finely chopped. It is sautéed with water in our tiny pot.
  • Then the zucchini and rice that we cut into tiny cubes are added.
  • The ingredients are cooked with the addition of water at a level of 2-3 inches.
  • Add olive oil near cooking. - It is blended after cooking. Bon appetit babies.

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