Special for Anorexia and Sick Babies: Sick Soup

Special for Anorexia and Sick Babies: Sick Soup

This is a soup that teething babies can't easily refuse. Yes, it is not a vegetable-filled vitamin soup, but it is a good alternative to try for the baby who does not open his mouth to anything.

Note : If you are not sure that your cornmeal is organic, use wheat flour instead.

Note 2 : If olive oil is used instead of butter in this recipe, milk becomes an allergic recipe.

Warning : While applying this recipe, make sure that your baby is not allergic to meat and its products.



  • The butter is melted and the flours are roasted for 1 minute.

  • Water is added, immediately after the noodles are thrown and cooked. (Ruseym will be added with vermicelli)

  • After about 10 minutes, our soup is ready.

  • Let's not forget to add my germ before feeding the baby with pleasure.

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