Sleep Patterns in Newborn Babies

Sleep Patterns in Newborn Babies

Newborn babies feel the need to sleep very often, you will observe this anyway, they want to sleep while they are breastfeeding, they sometimes fall asleep when they are under diapers, they fall asleep when the gas is removed because the waking time of our babies between zero and three months is very limited, that is, the time they can stay awake during the day is around forty-five minutes and an hour. When we reach three months, it goes up to about one and a half hours, what does that mean? For example, our baby wakes up at seven in the morning, he will feel the need to sleep again around eight, but how will we catch up? Newborn mothers have a great difficulty here, because breastfeeding takes about half an hour, our baby falls asleep while breastfeeding because the jaw muscles are not yet developed and the baby is weak, then it's time to sleep again when we say burping and changing diapers.

Now it would be of great benefit to you to have your routines here, so what is a routine and november? Sequential activities. When your baby wakes up, write down the time and of course the first thing we will do is to feed him, with breast or bottle, try to feed him without active sleep, this is very important, because if you can feed your baby for half an hour, for example, without active sleep, it will both be fed effectively and sleep because he does not sleep in the queue. order will not be disturbed.

We fed our baby after that, we passed out gas in fifteen minutes, we changed his horse, then take note of all these activities, what I did and what I did not do, then very likely our baby will start to give sleep signals again, so what are they? His eyes may wander away, he may start to move his arms and legs uncontrollably, he may start to cry. Here is a very key point, I ask you to pay attention to, when your baby starts to cry uneasy, you will receive comments such as hungry, feed again, or gas. We experience this all the time, although you just fed him a little while ago, you just took the gas out, you changed his diaper, so you should guess that the crying at that point is no longer due to these other things you have been told, but because he is sleepy, since we have met all his needs. When you estimate this, let's think that it takes about forty-five minutes, about an hour, you should gradually prepare your baby for sleep after he wakes up. Timing, signs, routines, following them will help you a lot, that's for sure.

Now we're in the room, what are we going to do? Our baby started to whine. If he is taking a pacifier, I recommend a pacifier because it is a period when he is relaxed by sucking in the oral period, so the pacifier helps a lot in transition to sleep and prevents him from being constantly dependent on the mother's breast.

You went to the room, maybe you gave a pacifier, you turned on a nice music, I mean nice music, sounds that relax the newborn, such as white noise, blow dryer, wave sound, and you opened it to fill the room, you made the room a little dim, we don't need as much darkness as in the following months After that, you can dance on the lap a little like this, I highly recommend doing a half swaddle at bedtime during this period, what is half? I'm talking about tight leg and wide swaddling, because babies have a reflex called mora reflex, newborn babies, that is, their arms and legs move involuntarily, and you can prevent this with half swaddling, we made half swaddling, we gave her a pacifier, we danced, there is music playing in the room, then your baby. You can put it on the bed in a may but sober way, I recommend you to use a side wet pillow for this bed,

Definitely, if your baby is calm in bed, don't pee until he/she sleeps, this is a very unnecessary intervention, but if your baby starts to cry in bed, of course, then pee a beer, take your lap after three or five minutes, maybe relax in your lap.

With more contact and more support, you can teach him to fall asleep in his bed in this way. maybe he will take care of himself, if he can't, support, love, caress, hug if necessary, after that let's say he slept in the bed, this would be a great situation anyway, it is very important to wake him up every two hours during the daytime naps, because in these months Your baby is just making the distinction between day and night. so we wake up every two hours during the day anyway, it's time to feed,

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