Rash in Babies

Rash in Babies

Rash is a condition that we see very often, especially in summer.

The cause of the rash occurs due to the blockage of the ducts of the sweat glands of the babies. In other words, when the baby sweats, it occurs because the skin sweat does not flow out of the channels. When baby sweat glands are clogged, we see reddish, slightly raised, dot-to-dot marks on his body. Some may be red, sometimes whitish.

The areas where the rash sweats the most can be in places such as the neck, face, armpits, groin area. Sometimes we can see a rash all over the body. The rash is not painful in babies, but it may itch a little. It may bother them. Don't want to have nails when they have a rash because it can irritate their skin even more when they scratch. Because of this, it may be important to trim their nails. We need to try to reduce the temperature of the environment where babies are in order to prevent rashes. If we have the possibility of air conditioning, we can set it to lower the temperature of the room before the air conditioner comes on directly.

Too much thick clothing will cause him to sweat more, which can increase the heat. We should reduce their clothing as much as possible.

We should try to keep his room cool. We can run a fan, we can run a fan in the room, which can help cool the room a little.

If it is very hot at night, we should reduce your clothes, try to lower the room temperature again, this is also important. We can approach the treatment of rash as follows, if the rash is not too intense, if it does not bother you too much, reducing the temperature of the room we recommend to prevent rash formation, reducing the number of clothes and taking a bath frequently can help reduce this rash.

However, very intense heat can sometimes cause a lot of discomfort. During these periods, he may discuss with your doctor and recommend some creams to reduce the heat. We can see rash not only in the summer, but sometimes in the winter when we warm the environment of the house or when we dress the baby in too many layers.  That's what I wanted to tell you about the rash, thank you.

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