Pumpkin Purslane (12+ Months)

Pumpkin Purslane (12+ Months)

This is how the purslane dish is cooked in our house. It's so delicious, it's scrambling. Even my wife who chooses vegetables loves it :) I always wanted to share it, it was lucky for today.

Since it is suitable for adult tastes, I give a family size amount. If you are going to cook for 8 months, reduce the size appropriately. Let me tell you, and try the purslane dish with grated zucchini by putting everything raw. It is both legendary and delicious and with the healthiest cooking method.

Note: If you are not going to use salt and tomatoes, you can feed them from 8 months.


2 bunches of purslane

2 zucchini

1-2 tomatoes

2 tablespoons of homemade tomato paste (click to buy)

5-6 cloves of garlic

1 large onion

Half a tea glass of olive oil (click to buy)

Salt (I use rock salt)


The zucchini skins are peeled and grated and put into the pot. The purslane is washed, cleaned, chopped and put in a pot.

Onions, garlic and tomatoes are cut for food and put in the pot.

Olive oil, tomato paste and salt are also added to the pot.

Start cooking by adding water at the level of the ingredients. Start on medium heat and finish on low heat.

That's all :) Good luck to the whole family.

Note 2: Is there an ingredient in this recipe that you don't follow the 3-day rule for? To rule out the risk of allergy, please try all the content beforehand with the rule of 3 days. If you wish, How is the 3-Day Rule Applied in Transition to Additional Food? You can also check out my blog post.

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