Triple Mixed Custard Pack - Jar

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Aşçı Anne Sertifikaları
Triple Mixed Custard Pack (6+Months) - 180 G

It is ready to eat pudding. Preferably, you can heat it in a bain-marie and feed it directly to your baby.

Liquefaction of the product does not mean that it has deteriorated. Stir with a spoon before use.

Pear Baby Custard

Apple Baby Custard

Baby Custard

A delicious custard that we have been working on for months, especially the flavor of which we have been working on for months. It will be your savior on a trip, on vacation, in a tight time. Hungry and eat!

You can enrich your pudding by crushing the Chef Anne Bebe Biscuit on the plate with a fork without getting it wet.

Net Weight: 180 g

The product shelf life is 1 year.

This product will be sent in triple packaging.
Triple Mixed Custard Pack - Jar
152.95 TL
161.00 TL
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