Potato Juicy Meatballs (8+ Months)

Potato Juicy Meatballs (8+ Months)

Prepare the size of the potatoes and meatballs that your baby can eat, if not, you can mash them with a fork.



  • In the first place, we will prepare the meatballs. Let's add the chopped onion, washed and dried bulgur on a clean cloth, mint thyme cumin on the ground meat and knead.

  • Let's shape the meatballs by rolling them into small balls in our hands. Put the oatmeal on a sprinkled tray.

  • On the one hand, let's cook the diced potato with water and tomato sauce at a level that will pass the material by 2-3 fingers. Those who will use tomato paste can dilute the paste and put it in.

  • After the food boils, add the meatballs.

  • Let's add the butter close to cooking so that the oil does not cook too much. Because the omegas and healing vitamins in it do not decrease.

  • Basil herb is poured into the cooked food, and when it gets warm, it is fed to the baby with pleasure. (If you don't know basil, let me tell you, there is no spice that suits this dish better.)

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