Possible Causes of Anorexia in Babies

Possible Causes of Anorexia in Babies

In the transition to solid food, the most common problem I encounter is anorexia babies. Mothers with anorexia often express this problem as follows.

"My baby locks his mouth when he sees a spoon."

"She's been only breast-sucking for days."

"My baby has no appetite, we force her to eat"

The reason for these, of course, may be the teething period, periods of illness, extreme hot weather, etc. But if this process is a continuity in your life and your baby does not have a physiological problem, the point that all sources point to here is "WRONG PARENT ATTITUDE".

Refusal to Eat in Babies

I don't like directly blaming parents in any area of ​​child development, but "refuse to eat"I am of the same opinion about it. A living thing is born with the coding instinct to eat in order to survive, but whatever happens, it gives up this action. Here I want to address the point of giving up this instinct to eat. If the parents are worried about whether they are feeding their baby/child enough or even if this worry has turned into anger over time, the baby feels all these negative emotions. This is repeated at every meal. Meal time and anxious/angry parents... In this case, babies may associate eating with those painful negative emotions and miscode our most basic instinct, the instinct to eat, as if it were a painful situation. Therefore, do not be in an anxious mood at meals while giving additional food. In your natural state, offer the food to your baby quite calmly. Don't try to force it where it doesn't eat. (Easy to say, hard to do). 


Children who are forced to eat can even have self-confidence problems with the perception of "I don't know how much to eat".

Based on my experience on this subject, my advice to you is;

- To offer your baby healthy and tasteful food without getting tired.

- Do not force your baby when he does not eat, because we invite problems with self-confidence and associating negative emotions with eating.

- It is necessary not to give harmful, sweet and junk food that you think you may like because he does not eat, otherwise he will refuse to eat at the next meals and expect junk food.

- Being together as much as possible at meal times. The pleasure of togetherness is compatible with eating and becomes enjoyable.   



Also, I leave you a recipe that anorexia babies cannot refuse. Special for Anorexia and Sick Babies: Sick Soup

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