Pasta with Salmon (12+ Months)

Pasta with Salmon (12+ Months)

Actually, I thought it appropriate to write 8+ months as material, but 12+ as eating difficulties. Solid food, after all. But if you have switched to solid foods, you can give it after 8+ months.

We will cook the pasta with the most beneficial method, namely the "Juicing" method. The boiling water of the pasta should never be poured out. You should not pour the boiling water out because the vitamins contained in the pasta are "water-soluble vitamins". Pasta is a good source of water-soluble B vitamins. A survey was made from time to time and the rate of people who spilled their water after the pasta was boiled was approximately 73.8% for our country.Therefore, if you have this habit, I recommend that you change it.


  • 50 g mixed vegetable pasta
  • 4 Turkish coffee cups water
  • 1 teaspoon butter (for pasta)
  • 1 teaspoon butter (for salmon)
  • 70 g salmon fillet (about half a palm)


  • The salmon is left to cook on low heat by closing the lid of the pot with 1 finger-high water of the tiny pot. Even if the salmon is out of the freezer, throw it directly into the pan. Add the nearly cooked butter.
  • Pastas are put into a separate pot, 4 cups of boiling water and cooked. Add the butter when the pasta is about to absorb its water, that is, close to cooking.
  • Serve the cooked pasta and salmon side by side. Bon appetit little gourmets.

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