Parsley Milk Soup (12+ Months)

Parsley Milk Soup (12+ Months)

Parsley is a storehouse of vitamins A and C , supports the immune system, has serious effects on preventing and treating urinary and respiratory tract infections. This is a great way to feed the kids parsley!


  • Quarter cup of organic rice
  • 2 glasses of water (for boiling the rice)
  • 2 spoonful butter
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 1 glass of water + 3 glasses of milk
  • Half a bunch of chopped parsley
  • Salt


  • Boil the rice with 2 glasses of water until it is fully cooked.
  • Let's melt the butter close to cooking rice in a separate pot.
  • Let's fry the flour in butter for 1 minute, but let's keep this process short because the beneficial components in the oil can be partially destroyed during roasting.
  • After roasting the flour, add 1 glass of water and mix it quickly. In the meantime, I recommend using the whisk.
  • With the addition of water, you will get the consistency of jelly. Then put the milk and cooked rice in a saucepan with its water, cook for 30-35 minutes on very low heat.
  • Finally, add the chopped parsley and salt and cook for another 5 minutes.

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