Oatmeal Quince Balls (9+ Months)

Oatmeal Quince Balls (9+ Months)

I would like to give you an alternative baby exercise recipe when quince is in season. This recipe is also suitable for "MILK ALLERGIC" babies.

Quince; It is a winter fruit rich in minerals such as protein, organic acid, B2, C, vitamin A, copper, iron and potassium . It regulates the intestinal flora and strengthens the digestive system. Raw quince can upset your baby's stomach, so I recommend feeding it this way.



  • The skin of the quince is peeled off, put in a pot with 5-6 cloves and boiled until it softens with water at a level above the material.
  • Boiled quinces are mashed with a potato masher on a flat plate. (This time I crushed it with a steel service colander)
  • Then all the ingredients are added and kneaded by hand and shaped into balls.
  • Sprinkle 1-2 pinches of cinnamon and serve to babies.
  • Quince juice with cloves in the pot is also served with 1-2 pinches of freshly ground ginger.

Note : I am here with another finger food recipe, because it is very important for the baby to start feeding himself, because it both increases his appetite and improves his self-confidence. Under the supervision of an adult, you can place foods that your baby can hold and swallow from the 8th month.

Note 2 : Quince is a constipating fruit, if your baby is prone to constipation, be careful and consume quince.

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