Imported oatmeal, which is widely available in the market, has light colored grains, is husk-free and soft. However, since we aim to deliver every product to you in its most natural form and prefer local, ours are darker in color, delicious even when consumed raw, and some of them have spelled. If you want to choose local and original oats, our brand is clear.

▪️1 tablespoon of oatmeal 
▪️1 teaspoon of olive oil 
▪️1 teaspoon of wheat germ 
▪️Quarter pear
▪️1 handful of broccoli

▪️Put the oatmeal into a mini pot.
▪️Put the washed, chopped broccoli, germ and olive oil into the pot and cook with water to cover the ingredients by 1-2 fingers.
▪️Crush the pear through a glass grater while the other ingredients are almost cooked.
▪️Finally, mix it all together, mash it with a fork or homogenize it using a blender, and then serve it to your baby.

In the 8-month period, preliminary trials can be made to transition from smooth to rough food. You can start to shorten the blender time depending on your baby's ability to eat lumps. If your baby gags when you shorten the blender time, do not force it. In the following weeks, you can try to shorten the blender time with both the same and different flavors.
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