My Thoughts on BLW

My Thoughts on BLW

I've never been - and never been - a BLW (Baby Led Weaning) mom. I don't know exactly what the reason is. Was it because it was prepared carelessly, at first it seemed cold to me; Is it because I couldn't watch my baby, in front of which I put the boiled vegetables, starve by not eating it; Is it because of Barlas's habit of choosing food; I don't know if it's because I wasn't determined enough while trying the method.


I'm not a BLW fan. Would I like to be-be? "Of course!" It is easy to prepare, healthy, and has no worries about feeding it, and your baby gains many skills and develops self-confidence by eating on his own. If, like me, you have a baby who doesn't eat when you put the food prepared according to the BLW method in front of him, wait God, and if you think that he is hungry and you have two bites in his mouth; Don't worry, you're not alone :) Let's look at the second one. (Edit years later: There was no luck in the second one either.) I will try to be more determined and try, but at the latest at my third BLW try, I will give up and cram two or three spoons of puree, I know myself :)


I will have an advice and a reminder to non-BLW mothers; Do not prolong the self-feeding process of your baby, make sure that he/she eats completely by himself/herself with determination at the latest 2 years old. From time to time, support self-eating with finger foods until the age of two. Barlas is exactly two years old here, and he was able to drink well when he asked for the most difficult soup to eat. Even though (it's 2.5 years old) from time to time I eat the last bite of my appetite (I have an instinct that I can't stop), I think we shouldn't do it... I think it's extremely important because it's the development of self-confidence and the beginning of individualization... 


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