Misuse of Molasses in Complementary Food

Misuse of Molasses in Complementary Food

Here is our other apple of the eye, OUR MOLD MOLASSES!

Why should you choose Chef Anne Mulberry Molasses? First of all, I would like to briefly talk about it and give information about the misuse of molasses in the transition to complementary foods.

  • It is obtained from mulberries that grow in a beautiful nature at the high altitudes of Artvin, quite far from the exhaust fumes.

  • It is obtained by boiling at 58°C in vacuum boiling vessels. 

  • This is exactly why it comes out of the HMF tests in a disgraceful way. 

What is this for those who say HMF ; HMF, hydroxomethylfurfural, is a chemical compound that seriously threatens human health, which occurs due to the storage of foods with high carbohydrate content at inappropriate temperatures or the heat treatment applied during their production.

Studies show that taking high doses of HMF can irritate the upper respiratory tract, eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Apart from that, this component, which has a genotoxic effect, causes damage by causing lesions such as base and sugar modification on DNA, single double strand breaks, DNA protein cross-linking. In another study on HMF, it was observed that excessive consumption increases the risk of tumor formation.

I can hear you say, "But, we are fed up with what to eat". It is very annoying to read about the effects of such harmful ingredients on the body, yes. But in our country where food terror is common, we unfortunately have to be very careful about what we eat and what we feed our babies!

Now I will come to the cakes, the biscuits you make at home, the molasses you add to the uncooked raw dough... For years, I have been a producer and researching chemist mother. Food engineers, doctors and experts wrote and drew it... But I still see that molasses is cooked in raw dough and thrown into boiling winter teas. There are mothers who say, "But, molasses is already cooking, it is a product produced by cooking, I add it to the cake biscuit dough, what will happen" on social media. (In fact, some baby biscuit manufacturers sell baby biscuits with molasses, be careful, let's read the content)

While we cook molasses during production, we cook it in vacuum at 58°C , you put it in the oven at 180°C. IMPOSSIBLE. This is very clear, Chef Moms! Molasses IS NOT COOKED!

  • If you need to use molasses in cakes, you can dilute the cooled cakes to make a sauce.

  • When using molasses for baby breakfasts, you should pour it into the cooled mixture.

  • If you are going to make custard with molasses, you should add the custard after it has cooled. 

  • If you are going to make tea with molasses, you should add it after the tea cools down just before your baby drinks it.

This is not a controversial or relative issue. It is a matter proven by research.

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