Minced Bean Soup (8+ Months)

Minced Bean Soup (8+ Months)

It contains high antioxidants, renews cells, has a high fiber and protein ratio, is a source of folic acid, is one of the most resistant foods against radiation, and contains plenty of B vitamins.

Important : Frozen ground beef should be thawed as quickly as possible. This is essential for bacterial growth. One of the most convenient methods is to thaw frozen ground beef with the addition of a small amount of water in a saucepan over low heat.

Warning : While applying this recipe, make sure that your baby is not allergic to meat and its products.

Note : If olive oil is used instead of butter in this recipe, milk becomes an allergic recipe.



  • The walnut-sized mince that comes out of the freezer is put in a small pot with a small amount of water.

  • When the meat is thawed and turns color, tiny cut onions and tiny cut beans are added.

  • The ingredients are cooked with water at a level of 3 inches.

  • 5 minutes after beans and onions, einkorn bulgur is added.

  • The ingredients are cooked.

  • When the soup is cooked, butter is added and blended.

  • You can add water at this stage for soup consistency.

  • Finally, it is fed to the baby with the addition of germ, mint and cumin (salt according to the baby's month).

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