Is Ready Baby Biscuit Harmful? Why Shouldn't It Be Consumed?

Is Ready Baby Biscuit Harmful? Why Shouldn't It Be Consumed?

Sometimes taking the easy way out and not having time to prepare something is the common problem of every mother. In such cases, we can turn to ready-made food items for our baby. However, while doing this, we should avoid products with additives that will affect even the future nutritional level of our baby. The most important of these additive products is ready-made baby biscuits. You can find out why you should not use ready-made baby biscuits in this content.

1- They Contain Trans Fat

Yes, it is very repulsive to use the definition of "carcinogen" in every food we come across, but unfortunately, trans fats are among the carcinogenic substances. The brand that says "there is no trans fat" and states that the amount of trans fat is this and that is the most consumed baby biscuit brand, for your information... Individuals who start consuming trans fat from infancy have a serious negative impact on their cardiovascular health in the future.

2- They Contain Sugar

Almost all ready-made baby biscuits (even organic) are SUGAR! Moreover, most companies use fructose obtained from corn syrup as sugar. This creates insatiable individuals. (By the way, while fructose syrup has a usage limit of 2% to 8% in America and Europe, this rate is unfortunately 15% in Turkey). Fuructose syrup turns the sugar rate upside down in the blood from the moment it is taken into the body, and is effective in the deterioration of the hormonal system. It prepares the ground for the formation of diabetes.

3- Acrylamide

Biscuits produced with the fabrication system are baked at very high temperatures, which causes the release of a substance called "Acrylamide" from the oils. Unfortunately, this substance can accumulate in the body over time and create a carcinogenic effect. Acrylamide is released when sugar and starch in ready-made baby biscuits react chemically with "Asparagine", a protein building block, during the baking process.

4- Chemical Substances

If we are talking about packaged ready-made food, leavening agents, preservatives, flavorings, etc. are used to extend the shelf life. We should be talking about chemicals as well as we can't imagine under these categories. It would be unfair to confine these substances in a small body.

You can make your own baby biscuits. If you are lazy or don't have time, Chef Mom Baby Biscuit (6+ Months) will come to your rescue.

My Chef Moms who say "I do it, it's hard, it doesn't disperse in milk like ready-made biscuits"! Let me tell you this; Your biscuits were not as attractive as they were prepared because you used health materials and did not add chemicals to beautify the product. Please don't be a reason to give up this homemade/no additives biscuit. I think I should consider whether the content and cooking conditions are healthy, not the crackling and milk melting performance of the biscuit.

You can click here for the homemade baby biscuit recipe .

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