Is Honey or Molasses Added to Hot Drinks?

Is Honey or Molasses Added to Hot Drinks?

Especially in the winter months, we want to brew and drink healing teas for our babies. When you think of sweetening these healing teas, is honey or molasses the first thing that comes to mind?
Then please read this article carefully…

Honey releases some substances that can be harmful to our body at a temperature of 45°C and above, and molasses at a temperature of 70°C and above. Moreover, it loses most of the medicinal components in it.


For this reason, never sweeten hot/boiling drinks and dough prepared for cooking by adding honey and molasses!

Solution: We don't drink tea or hot drinks until they are already warmed up to babies and children. Add honey and molasses after the beverage is warm and has a drinking consistency. You will not only kill the medicinal components of honey and molasses, but also get rid of their harmful effects.

Note:  Please do not use honey and molasses while the drinks are boiling, and do not add them to the cake batters!

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